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Home » Product » Warcraft 3: Gold Edition (Inc. The Frozen Throne Expansion)

Warcraft 3: Gold Edition (Inc. The Frozen Throne Expansion)

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Region: USA
Release Date: September 19, 2003


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A generation before the events of World of Warcraft begin… Cunning, sinister, and seemingly unstoppable, the demonic Burning Legion prepare to launch their long-awaited assault on the mortal world. Survival is a matter of strategy, as the Reign of Chaos begins…


  • Play as Four Mighty Races
    Command mysterious Night Elves, insidious Undead, savage Orcs, and noble Humans as alliances shift and cultures clash in ruthless conflict.
  • Command Legendary Hero Units
    Lead your forces into battle with powerful Hero units. Hardened by experience, Heroes can advance in level, learn spells, carry special items, and confer special benefits to nearby units.
  • Use an Unrivaled World Editor
    Expand your world with the Warcraft World Editor. Design custom 3D maps and create missions with scripts for units, spells, event triggers, and more.
  • Witness an Epic Story
    Watch an entire chapter of Azeroth’s history unfold through the epic in-game cinematics. Witness firsthand the fall of Lordaeron and the tragic fate of the kingdom’s prince, oversee Grom Hellscream’s rise to power, and stand with the races of Azeroth at the Battle of Mount Hyjal for the fate of the world.
  • Battle in Raging Multiplayer Chaos
    Take the fight online with up to seven of your friends via, Blizzard Entertainment’s free online gaming service. Find matches, share strategies, and compete in regional ladders.


  • OS: Windows® XP or Windows Vista®
  • CPU: 400 MHz Pentium II or equivalent
  • Memory: 128 MB
  • Graphics: 8 MB 3D Video Card with DirectX 8.1 support
  • Hard Drive: 1.3 GB available HD space
  • Others: 4X CD-ROM


  • OS: Windows 98/ME/2000/XP
  • CPU: Pentium III/Athlon or better
  • Memory: 256 MB
  • Graphics: 32 MB 3D Video Card with DirectX 8.1 support
  • Hard Drive: 550 MB
  • Others: 4X CD-ROM
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